The Sustainable Wrap For Butter That's Well Worth The Price

Every home cook worth their salt knows that butter is the key to fantastic flavor. Want a delicious pie crust? Use butter. Mashed potatoes too dry? Add butter. Do your veggies need a little extra something? You guessed it: more butter. 

Even though butter is a household staple for most, many take proper storage of it for granted, keeping it out of cold storage in a butter crock or slicing off a few pats at a time and shoving the stick loosely back in its store packaging. But because it's a dairy product, butter is susceptible to spoiling, bacterial growth, and flavor changes over time. Left improperly stored, butter can turn rancid and ruin whatever dish you're adding it to. 

The solution to our dairy-related woes is reusable butter wraps. Combining the convenience of plastic wrap combined with the sustainability of a butter dish, reusable food wraps are a no-hassle, protective option to preserve better butter flavor.

That's a (reusable) wrap

Because butter has a high-fat content, it's both a delicious ingredient for just about anything and a sponge for potentially unwanted odors. Sitting in a fridge or on the kitchen counter, butter can absorb the smells of other stored or cooking foods, which can in turn alter its flavor. Butter also comes in different sizes and shapes, so flexible, moldable wraps can encase standard sticks and slabs, or even cover margarine tubs — and keep them fresh.

One of the easiest ways to make your kitchen more sustainable is to replace single-use cooking items with reusable ones, like food wraps. Just like standard plastic wrap, there are lots of sustainable wrap choices. Designed with sustainability in mind, beeswax wraps help preserve leftovers without adding plastic to the garbage bin. Beeswax wraps, ranging anywhere from around $15 to around $25, usually feature a combination of food-grade beeswax, coconut oil, and tree resin, all to help them hold shapes and stick together.

Beeswax wraps can even be resistant to food and fridge odors — which is perfect for preserving butter. Though most beeswax wrap sets only contain a few sheets of varying sizes, the reusability of the wraps saves money in the long run, so they're worth the investment. If you're a butter lover, we recommend using beeswax wraps for ease, freshness, and a happy planet.