Why You Should Think Twice Before Grilling Bison Burgers

Few things are as mouth-watering as a char-grilled juicy burger complete with your favorite toppings. Slicing through the center as the juices dribble onto your plate before that first bite is about as good of a moment as it gets for any burger lover. If you've thought about switching things up and trying different kinds of meat for your next backyard grilling session, the all-American bison may come to mind.

Ground bison has a beautiful, delicate, and sweeter flavor than beef and contrary to popular belief it does not taste gamey. It is also a bit lighter in calories than beef with more protein. Bison also happens to be leaner than beef, which is a plus if you're watching your saturated fat intake. However, leaner and less fatty means it's not the best contender for those grill grates, which could end up drying out your bison burger by the time it's cooked through. Fat is what adds juiciness to the meat, and fattier meats tend to do better with the open flames and quicker cooking time of the grill.

The best ways to cook bison burgers

If you're set on having a bison burger and aren't married to those grill marks, there are a few other ways to cook the patty that won't dry it out as much as a grill would. A skillet on your stovetop is a safe bet to maintain moisture and tenderness. Medium to medium-high heat with a bit of fat in the pan will render the best results. The less time you cook it, the juicier it will be so medium-rare and rare meat lovers rejoice.

Your air fryer is also an option. Again, the less time you cook it the more moist it will be, so just 12 minutes at 375 degrees Fahrenheit will yield a solid medium-rare middle. And if you want to stay in the backyard, using a smoker is also a better option than the grill.

If you are dead set on getting that char-grilled flavor into your bison burger and insist on using your grill, you can counteract any dryness with some juicy and flavorful toppings. Caramelized onions, avocado, fresh ripe tomato, and of course, melted cheese can help you out!