Chili's Launches 4 New Premium Margaritas To Match Your Summer Vibes

Lovers of restaurant chain Chili's and its margaritas have something new to look forward to. The chain is looking to make your summer a little cooler with a brand new lineup of margaritas, which is big news for one of the top sellers of margaritas in the country. According to a press release, Chili's sold over 22 million margaritas in 2022.

Featuring four new margaritas, this new rollout comes after Chili's market research study showed that tequila is one of the fastest-growing spirits in the country. As Chili's Chief Marketing Officer George Felix put it, "This new campaign celebrates our margarita expertise as we upgrade our lineup with Casamigos and Teremana behind the bar."

In addition to partnering with titan tequila brands Teremana and Casamigos, Chili's is also partnering with some star power. Jenna Fischer and Angela Kinsey, best known for their work as Pam and Angela on "The Office," have come on board as ambassadors to endorse the many pleasures of a drinking freshly crafted margarita at Chili's. 

Enjoy these new flavors year round

So what are the four new margaritas bringing to the table? First up, is the Henny 'Rita, a margarita that packs a double dose of spirits with Hennessy V.S. Cognac and Teremana Blanco Tequila, plus a bit of fresh sour. Next is the Casamigos 'Rita, which receives a bit of citrus from the orange triple sec liqueur, Cointreau, and tequila from Casamigos. 

The third margarita goes by the moniker Skinny 'Rita, which lightens up the mix by using just a splash of soda, fresh sour, and a bit of Teremana Blanco Tequila. The final margarita, the Frozen Sangria 'Rita, is Fischer's and Kinsey's personal favorite of the bunch. A blend of Chili's classic margarita and a house-made Sangria, it's the fruitiest entry in the new lineup. 

All four drinks are currently available at all Chili's locations and are part of its permanent menu, so you can enjoy these tequila-spiked beverages for a distinct taste of summer or any other time during the year.