The Largest Starbucks In Thailand Brews The Exclusive Muan Jai Blend

Alongside Bangkok's Chao Phraya River, Thailand's Starbucks Reserve Chao Phraya Riverfront serves up cups of coffee made from beans collected from the region. Named Muan Jai, meaning "wholehearted happiness" in Northern Thai, the special coffee blend falls under Starbucks' Commitment to Origins portfolio. 

"Commitment to Origins represents the way we choose to act and lead, and the way we choose to be the link between coffee growers and coffee consumers. It is this spirit of cooperation that we wish to highlight and share with our customers," one Starbucks executive said in a press release. Coffees falling under this label have dedicated retail space in stores and are easily recognizable by special package designs. In addition to the coffees provided within the line, sourcing guidelines and rewards given to suppliers meeting set environmental and social criteria are included in the program.

Muan Jai Blend is one such coffee, an Arabica blend that delivers a balanced body characterized by an earthy, mild finish of warming spices. Paired with a simple square of dark chocolate or your favorite handful of nuts, this coffee is poised to deliver happiness, especially when enjoyed in the expansive Starbucks Reserve store.

Specialty coffee poured in a unique environment

Located on the seventh floor of the sprawling shopping center IconSiam, the Starbucks Reserve Chao Phraya Riverfront is the largest Starbucks in Thailand. Small-batch Starbucks Reserve coffees are served to customers, and the space offers plenty of areas to linger and enjoy. Windows stretch from ceiling to floor, and the two-story store invites guests to savor croissants, tarts, and Starbucks orders in the expansive atmosphere. Thai culture is honored throughout the space, from ceilings adorned with hundreds of lanterns and an outdoor terrace that opens up to views of the Bangkok skyline and riverfront. 

Whether you belly up to the bar or perch on one of the outdoor chairs to gaze out over the horizon, time may pass quickly as you sip drinks out of warm coffee mugs. Since this location is the only Starbucks in Thailand that serves Muan Jai, you may want to pick up an extra bag to take home for those moments you crave the rich taste of chocolate and spice freshly brewed.