The Trick To Perfect Roast Marshmallows Is To Keep Them Moving

There's nothing better than biting into a crunchy marshmallow with a warm and gooey center, but it can easily go wrong when roasting one over flames. If you want to become the master of the campfire, knowing where to place your sweet delights over a fire pit is only part of the recipe for s'mores-worthy treats. To hone your talents in the marshmallow-making department, you'll want to make sure to keep it moving once you position your sugary treat over the flames, since holding them in a stationary position is a guaranteed path to half-charred disappointment. 

Maintaining a continual rotation of the marshmallow pieces can help ensure an evenly toasted, golden morsel that can be popped into your mouth or sandwiched between pieces of graham cracker cookies and chocolate. Whether you've made your own marshmallows at home or have store-bought marshmallows ready for this weekend's hiking trip, those spongy sweets deserve an equal shot at golden perfection once they are thrust over an open fire.

How long marshmallows need to be roasted and how to customize them

It's also important to have patience when twirling the treats over a campfire, as goldened morsels can take up to five minutes to perfect. Keep a careful eye on your white, fluffy treats, and move the marshmallows accordingly to ensure each side is evenly toasted. As eager as you might be to slap a marshmallow onto a square of chocolate, your patience will pay off and you will be well rewarded with a satisfying texture of light crunch followed by pillowy, gooey sweetness.

To take your marshmallow-roasting skills to even higher heights, prepare your own marshmallows at home with flavors like cinnamon hazelnut or rocky road to complement the rest of your planned campfire dishes. Then, with your own custom-made flavors to roast over the open flames, you won't mind taking that extra step to ensure the fire-toasted treats are as perfectly cooked as possible.