The Difference Between Huevos Rancheros And Mexican-Style Eggs

If you're not someone who grew up in Mexico or a place where huevos rancheros are a common breakfast, you might think of them as the quintessential Mexican eggs. But order Mexican-style eggs from someone who knows better and you'll get a very different-looking meal. Mexican-style eggs or huevos a la Mexicana, are not a general term, but a specific dish that's popular throughout Mexico. It's another quick breakfast like huevos rancheros that also combine eggs and tomato, but the way it's cooked makes it quite different.

Mexican-style eggs are a mixture of eggs and vegetables, in this case, tomato, onion, and green chiles. Its Spanish name "a la Mexicana," is a common modifier for any food that uses that combination of ingredients, as it mirrors the colors of the Mexican flag. Unlike huevos rancheros, where the eggs are fried and topped with salsa, in Mexican-style eggs you beat your eggs and then scramble them with the chopped vegetables. While huevos rancheros is a saucy dish with a runny yolk, Mexican-style eggs are soft and simple.

One dish puts the ingredients on a tortilla, while the other mixes everything together

The scrambled eggs of Mexican-style versus the fried egg of huevos rancheros are the biggest difference between the two, but there are a couple of other significant divisions in their preparation. Huevos rancheros are fundamentally three things — fried egg, salsa, over a fried tortilla. While you can eat Mexican-style eggs with a tortilla, they aren't a core component like in huevos rancheros, where they are the base of the whole dish and are often fried in the pan for crispness. 

However, to make Mexican-style eggs you just chop up your three vegetables into bite-sized pieces, then fry them in a pan, starting with the onion, then adding the tomato and green chile. Once the veggies are cooked you can mix in beaten eggs or crack your eggs into the pan and scramble them there. Fold the veggie mix into the eggs as they cook until they reach your desired texture, and then flavor with salt and pepper. It's a fresh, flavorful, hearty breakfast that can be made in minutes and you'll quickly understand why it's just as popular as huevos rancheros.