Consider Adding One Versatile Ingredient To Elevate Bagged Salad

Sometimes bagged salad mixes get a bad rap, but they don't always deserve it. These prewashed packaged salad kits containing various greens are a convenient way to create an easy meal. However, if you find yourself feeling unsatisfied by a pile of lettuce drizzled with salad dressing, you may want to add just one ingredient that will add flavor, bring out the taste of those sweet and peppery greens, and satiate those hunger pangs: cheese!

Cheese is an easy and delicious addition to any on-the-go salad kit. This dairy product offers a variety of options in both taste and texture, meaning there's an option for everyone. Whether you are a fan of classic shredded cheddar or Monterey Jack, nutty cubes of Gouda, paper-thin shavings of parmesan, crumbly feta, or meaty Buffalo Mozzarella, there is a hard, creamy, or tangy cheese for every mood, every taste bud, and every prepackaged salad mix.

Cheese is a tasty addition to any salad

Before you start throwing in a handful of your favorite cheese into a bag of salad, there are a couple of things to consider. While adding cheese to your salad can transform your bagged lettuce into a more satisfying, flavorful meal, you need to choose wisely. Some cheeses are salty, while others are sour or sweet, so when choosing a cheese, you want to make certain it complements your salad dressing, veggies, and greens. 

For example, tangy dressing pairs best with a mild cheese to avoid the flavors overpowering one another. You want to choose a mozzarella, a slightly sweet ricotta, or even a cottage cheese.  If you prefer strong cheeses with bold flavors like blue cheese Roquefort or gorgonzola, consider adding it to salad packages that contain greens with mild or weak flavors and sweet, but hearty vegetables like carrots. The mild taste of the greens and veggies will help balance the strong-tasting cheeses. Also, remember, a little goes a long way with these strong-tasting cheeses.  As in any dish, your ultimate goal will be to pair flavors that complement one another and balance each other out. Still, feel free to experiment, because almost any combination will taste pretty good – it's cheese afterall!