Switch Up Your Baking Dish For Crisp, Crackly Scalloped Potatoes

From baking to frying to roasting, potatoes can quickly become a significant part of so many savory creations. One particular favorite among potato lovers is the classic and creamy scalloped potatoes, a rich and cheesy dish of thinly sliced spuds layered and baked until golden brown. Yet, sometimes, your helping of potatoes can end up on the mushier side, dampening your plate and your potato enjoyment as a whole. 

Thankfully, there's hope, especially if you welcome extra crispiness into your life at every opportunity. A simple switch in bakeware is all you need to achieve crackly scalloped potatoes that will have everybody coming back for seconds. To achieve this feat, simply reach for your cast-iron skillet.

Cast iron makes all the difference because of its unmatched level of heat retention. Unlike your trusty casserole dish, cast iron's ability to hold onto heat helps ensure a consistent temperature throughout your dish, as well as extra crispy edges. That's why these skillets have so many great uses, from roasting vegetables to baking desserts. 

Cast iron changes the game

To achieve truly perfect scalloped potatoes, you'll start by layering your thinly sliced potatoes in a well-seasoned cast-iron skillet just as you would in a casserole dish. You'll want to make sure your cream mixture is evenly poured over the potatoes, and they're topped with a generous sprinkle of cheese between each layer.

The prep work is important, but the real magic happens when you place the skillet into your oven. Because of the cast iron's ability to retain heat, the sides, as well as the bottom layer of potatoes, will quickly begin to develop a crispy, golden crust while the rest of the dish cooks to creamy perfection. The end result is a hearty helping of scalloped potatoes that offers a delightful mix of textures from whichever tubers you choose to the melty gooey goodness of cheeses like cheddar, Parmesan, or Gruyère. 

Reaching for the cast-iron skillet might seem like a small change, but this simple switch-up will bring your potato game to the next level.