The Last Thing To Do Before Throwing Away Old Dinnerware

There are a lot of reasons why you might decide to retire old dinnerware. Maybe your plates have become scuffed or scratched from use, or you bought a new set of dishes and your old bowls no longer match. Whatever the reason, you may occasionally find yourself looking at an old plate or bowl and thinking, what should I do with this?  

Don't throw away perfectly good dinnerware, even if you don't plan to eat off of it any longer. Instead, you can use it for your storage needs. An old plate can take the place of Saran wrap or cling film. For instance, when you have a plate or bowl of something leftover, stack one of your retired dishes on top of it and stick it in the refrigerator. This helps you cut down on plastic used, making your kitchen more sustainable in the long run. Additionally, it's perfect for quickly storing a single serving of a leftover meal, which you can reheat when you're ready for it.

How to use old dinnerware for storage

An important pillar of sustainability in the kitchen is cutting down on waste. If you are using plastic wrap to store your leftovers regularly, think about how this trash adds up over time. One reliable option is a nice set of Tupperware or Pyrex storage containers for your refrigerator, but in general, the most environmentally friendly option is using whatever you already have on hand. 

For many people, that means old dinnerware. While it would be hard to store large quantities of food this way, when you have a plateful or less of something leftover, the stacking trick is perfect. One thing to be careful of, however, is to only use dishes that are in good enough condition — if they have cracks or chips, you might risk hurting yourself. So the next time you are retiring plates or bowls from your dinner table, consider giving them a new job storing leftovers for future meals.