The Simple Way To Tell When Tuna Steaks Are Done Grilling

When it comes to grilling, tuna steaks are really in a category of their own. A well-done tuna steak is often on the dry side, and that is part of why many prefer to serve it mostly raw, with just a light sear on the exterior. This makes the process of grilling it quick, and it is critical to know when to pull it off the heat. Tuna steak is typically done after just a few minutes on each side, just long enough to give it an attractive sear on the top and bottom.

It is easy to overcook tuna steak, but high-quality, well-sourced tuna can be eaten raw, so you should not worry as much about undercooking it. Since the doneness of tuna steak is often a matter of personal preference, different cooks have varying tricks for making sure that it is ready to eat. But for many, the most reliable indicators are visual cues.

Watch the color change from purple to beige

One way to know if your tuna steak is ready to pull off the grill is by keeping an eye on the color of the side of the tuna steak as it cooks. There is a dramatic difference between the color of raw tuna and cooked tuna. Raw steaks are pink to garnet colored, and when they touch the heat, they quickly become beige or gray. This is what you will see on the outside — the color will change on the exterior before the heat makes it all the way through to the center. 

The grilling process should only take up to two minutes on each side, and your tuna steak is recommended to be cooked medium rare for flavorful and tender results. Once you allow that perfect sear, take it off the grill gently with a spatula, then slice thinly, and enjoy. You can dress the tuna simply with oil and lemon, use the tuna in a salad, or plan ahead and try a recipe like a delectable sesame-crusted tuna steak.