Wolfgang Puck And Alain Ducasse Unite For 8-Course Last Supper Event

When two of the greatest chefs alive come together to build a menu, it's bound to be a dinner for the ages. Enter Alain Ducasse and Wolfgang Puck, two of the most celebrated chefs of the modern age, currently planning an elaborate banquet at CUT, the steak restaurant at 45 Park Lane in London, set for June 7, 2023. Described as a "four-hands dinner," where two or more chefs collaborate and compete on a prestigious menu for one night only, Puck and Ducasse helped curate the menu while other executive chefs, like Jean-Philippe Blondet from Alain Ducasse at The Dorchester restaurant and Elliott Grover from CUT, will help run the kitchen.

For the weighty sum of £633 (roughly $790 USD), 60 diners will enjoy an 8-course meal with a classic French- and American-themed menu. Customers may also receive the CUT sommelier expert pairings for a further £230 (around $285). Still, the most exciting element of the meal won't be anything on the menu but the fellow company. In addition to Puck and Ducasse acting as creative chefs, they'll join their dinner guests at a long communal table, much like the Last Supper.

A dinner event of a lifetime

After being greeted by Ducasse and Puck with champagne and snacks, diners will settle in with a five-star affair featuring eight courses. With its high price tag, you can expect nothing but the best from this menu, including fresh sea scallops, caviar, morel mushrooms, and Wagyu steak. Fish, bread, and veggie-rich pasta all make an appearance, as well as a triple-threat sweet finish of pre-dessert, dessert, and mignardises, which are delicate, bite-sized sweets.

Of the chefs' signature dishes, diners can try Wolfgang Puck's renowned New York strip steak and pretzel bread, a soft yet chewy bread that hints at the gourmet's Austrian roots. Ducasse, for his part, will serve his classic French macarons and chocolates, as well as his beurre blanc scallops and marinated turbot. Needless to say, with Michelin record setter Ducasse and Oscar-party catering Puck, quality is assured. For those looking to be one of the few to snag a table, you can reserve a seat by visiting the CUT website.