Switch Up Your Summer Cooking Schedule To Stay Cool In The Kitchen

Does your kitchen feel like a furnace when summer's heatwave hits? Feeding yourself and other hungry mouths is non-negotiable, but sometimes, even an ice-cold lemonade won't do when your kitchen feels like a sweat lodge. No need to throw in that kitchen towel just yet because we've got your back. Our game-changing tip is all about timing: Switch up your summer cooking schedule to stay cool in the kitchen.

As temperatures soar, preparing meals in the middle of the day may not always be practical. Our solution? Embrace a new schedule and cook during the day when the temperatures are cooler. Make early mornings and late evenings your new culinary best friends.

Dawn and early mornings are cool and quiet, perfect for meal prepping and cooking without breaking a sweat. Likewise, as dusk quells the summer heat, seize this time of the day to cook, especially dishes that need longer cook times. During the day, when it's sweltering, use the microwave to reheat your prepared meals or enjoy them cold, like a chilled vichyssoise or pasta salad, straight from your fridge.

Close kitchen curtains to cool down the kitchen in the summer

Cooking in the quiet hush of early morning or late night has an unexpected serenity, an added perk to shifting your summer cooking and meal-prepping schedule. But as the temperature rises, here's an additional trick to consider to stay cool in your kitchen: Look to your windows, especially if your kitchen faces the sun during the daytime (or the south or west directions). 

Your kitchen curtains or blinds are essential, so use them strategically to block out summer rays. Close them during the hottest parts of the day to keep the scorching heat at bay, making your kitchen a much cooler and more comfortable workspace.

Transitioning to this new routine might initially feel challenging, but it's worth trying. You might have to wake up or sleep later, but you know what they say about the early bird. So, as the summer sun blazes, don't let the heat stifle your summer cooking adventures at home. Stay cool in the kitchen with this clever schedule swap, draw curtains or blinds, and revel in the joy of cooking even as the mercury climbs.