The One Coffee Brand Ina Garten Can't Go Without

Ina Garten shared on Instagram that she leaves the coffee making to her husband Jeffery, but when it comes to the type of coffee her spouse uses, rest assured Garten says it is "good coffee." The Barefoot Contessa revealed to Bon Appetit she prefers to buy a java produced by a company out of New York City known for its small-batch approach. Garten said, "The coffee I drink is from a company called Dallis Brothers."

Per their website, Dallis Brothers is a purveyor and roaster of coffee beans started by Russian Immigrants in 1913 and has been around for 110 years. Their product is considered a "high-end specialty coffee" that uses "specialty grade, direct trade coffees." This simply means the coffee beans are purchased straight from farmers without any middleman. The coffee company has been bought and sold twice — first in 2008 by Brazilian coffee giant Octavio and in 2013, Dallis Brothers was bought by Lacas Coffee Company, which is based in New Jersey.

Garten likes milk in her Dallis Bros.

Dallis Brothers must be good coffee to get Garten's seal of approval. And when it comes to how the cookbook author takes her daily brew, she confessed that depending on her mood, it could either be an espresso day or a traditional pot of coffee. But perhaps the most important tidbit she offers is this: If you ever extend an invite to Garten to have coffee at your house, make certain you have some milk on hand. She likes a little in her cup of Joe.  

But you can skip the Equal and simple syrup. Garten stated, "I find sugar in coffee to be bitter, ironically." Sugar, generally speaking, enhances flavor and even disguises a coffee's bitterness, so this is an interesting observation, especially when you consider Garten also finds cilantro be an overpowering herb that tastes like soap. That said, sweeteners like Stevia can certainly contribute to the bitterness of coffee.