The Wegmans Butter For Finishing Savory Dishes

You've heard of finishing oil, but if you haven't heard of finishing butter, prepare to impress everyone at your dinner table. As the name implies, finishing butter is designed to be added at the end of cooking to add flavor and richness. If you're a butter connoisseur and haven't seen this at your grocery store yet, you need to head to Wegmans.

There are four flavors of Wegmans finishing butters, three of which are fairly easy to replicate: The garlic and parsley, lemon dill, and garlic cheese butters simply require softened butter, along with some fresh herbs and basic ingredients. But Wegmans truffle butter is a standout for its depth of flavor and pricey ingredients that make it less expensive to buy than to make at home.

While truffles can technically be part of any course, their earthy and woodsy, and even piney flavors are best suited for savory fare, rather than dessert.

Perfect pairings for Wegmans truffle butter

As opposed to nearly all truffle oils, which don't actually contain real truffles, Wegmans truffle butter is packed with the real deal. It contains black truffle paste, which infuses every bit of the butter with the oaky and distinctive nutty flavor of the delectable fungus.

How should you use the truffle butter? Any way you can. A perfectly seared steak begs for some buttery, truffled goodness. Grilled or steamed vegetables turn into a luxe side with a dollop of truffle butter. And imagine the potato applications ... mashed, baked, roasted ... truffle butter makes ordinary potatoes shine. Even a boring box of mac and cheese is transformed when you replace regular butter with the truffled version. 

Wegmans truffle butter is, indeed, a finishing butter. It's not the sort of ingredient you'd eat in large quantities, as the flavor is quite intense, but the layers of flavor it adds to dishes are utterly divine.