The 'Disposable' Knife David Chang Recommends For Your Kitchen

When it comes to essential culinary tools, there is a heavy-lifting knife, though infrequently used, that deserves a spot in every kitchen: a serrated knife. However, celebrity Chef David Chang has revealed a surprising technicality about this specific type of underrated knife. In an interview with GQ, Chang explained that serrated knives can actually be considered disposable due to their inability to be sharpened. Still, their unique design and exceptional functionality make them invaluable for various tasks in the kitchen.

The serrated knife's distinctive feature lies in its teeth-like serrations along the blade's edge, which enable it to excel in cutting through delicate foods with ease. Serrated knives effortlessly glide through tomatoes, crusty loaves of bread, delicate cakes, and thick-skinned squashes ensuring neat, intact slices. But unfortunately, it is also this distinctive feature that causes serrated knives to be disposable. As Chang explained, serrated knives essentially become "back-scratchers" once they become too dull. 

Tips for prolonging serrated knives

Because the distinct toothed blade of serrated knives cannot be sharpened conventionally, there are ways to extend their lifespan and maintain optimal performance. Hand-washing is crucial to preserve delicate serrations and prevent them from becoming dull or damaged. You should also store the knife in a sheath or against a magnetic strip to ensure it is protected from accidental nicks or blunting. 

If you absolutely must try to sharpen your serrated knife, it is best to only attempt to sharpen the flat side. It is far more difficult and often not worth the effort to attempt to sharpen the serrated teeth, which do most of the hard work when this knife is being used. 

So keep this in mind when you are buying a serrated knife and know that a higher quality option could actually last years. Though it is ultimately "disposable" and will need to be replaced over time, your serrated knife can hold up with the right care and attention.