Freeze Instant Coffee Packets For Caffeinated Popsicles This Summer

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If you're an iced coffee enthusiast, you'll definitely enjoy trying these coffee popsicles. Using instant coffee packets that have all of the required goods — instant coffee, milk powder, and sugar — you could make a quick caffeinated popsicle for a hot summer day. This quick recipe came up on TikTok, and it's been the new hot DIY treat of the summer. All you need for this is some instant coffee packets, hot water, and a bit of patience.

Deposit three to four instant coffee packets into a hot water-safe glass or cup (ideally one with a lip designed for easy pouring) and add hot water in equal measure. (Make sure not to throw out the packets, as they will later serve as the popsicle mold.) The instant coffee mix should dissolve almost immediately, making a light brown latte-like beverage. After you've let the liquid cool a bit, carefully pour the coffee into the plastic instant coffee packets and freeze the sleeves upright for three hours. Once frozen, you can push the popsicles out of the top opening for a cool treat that is great on the go.

Instant coffees with all the fixings

The TikTok recipe uses Maxim instant coffee sticks, a popular instant coffee brand in Korea. Instant coffee in Korea is usually what you call "mixed coffee" since it already has milk powder and sugar mixed into it. The pops should have a perfect balance of richness from the milk powder, sweetness from the sugar, and a deep bold flavor from the instant Arabica coffee. To have the best-tasting coffee pops, we recommend using Korean instant coffee like Maxim — just be sure to find ones including milk and sugar like Maxim Mocha Gold Mix or Maxpresso Instant Coffee Mix.


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If you can't wait to get ahold of them, many more instant coffee brands with a similar blend of powdered milk, instant coffee, and sugar will make equally delicious popsicles like the Nescafe 3 in 1 variety. But if, on the other hand, you get a taste for Korean instant coffee, you can also try out the next most popular brand there, the Namyang French Café, which uses skim milk powder instead of regular milk powder. It makes for a lighter coffee popsicle with less fat but still has a substantially sweet cream flavor.