What Makes Starbucks' Dewata Coffee Experience Unique In Bali

When island hopping around Indonesia, Bali is an obvious must-see destination. The island is known internationally for its lush landscapes, thousands of picturesque temples, some of the friendliest people on earth, and a long list of interesting foods and drinks to try. This region of the planet is also known for its large-scale coffee production. In fact, Indonesia is currently the world's fourth largest coffee producer, according to Helena Coffee, including of course the rare Kopi Luwak coffee beverage, which is only found in Southeast Asia.

While partaking in the culinary pleasures of the island, the last place you may think to visit is a Starbucks. When there's an immense wealth of hidden gems to discover, particularly delightful local coffee shops, a Starbucks will likely be reserved for your jet lagged-self at the airport. However, the Starbucks Dewata Coffee Experience is more than just a regular coffee shop or souvenir stop. There are several unique features about this Bali location. Stripped of the typical green and gray brand colors, this store instead displays beautiful tropical-themed interior design made with natural elements and modern architecture that blends right into the island landscape. But, perhaps the most intriguing feature is being able to have hands-on experience with the coffee making process.

You can harvest your own beans

Of all the bucket list Starbucks locations out there, the Dewata Coffee Experience may be the one we recommend putting at the top of your list. This experience is set up to allow customers to participate in the coffee-making process and educate them on the Indonesian coffee industry. Starbucks notes that just inside the front of the store, there is a plot of Arabica coffee trees. Here, guests can "rake coffee beans or try coffee bean de-pulping and washing during harvest seasons," according to the brand.

Aside from these hands-on activities led by experts, the Dewata experience highlights both the science and art involved in the coffee making process through in-depth tours and classes. There are plenty of classes you can sign up for, from learning about coffee pairing to latte art. So, whether you're a coffee fanatic who wants to learn more about the Indonesian coffee industry, or you're simply a Starbucks fan who wants to visit all the top-rated locations, it's definitely worth visiting this unique spot.