For The Best Tasting Burger Sliders, Don't Get Fancy With The Bun

Whether you're hosting a party, headed to a tailgate, or simply have a craving for burgers, sliders are a wonderful option. They're grab-and-go, can be made ahead of time, and don't require the full commitment of a traditional burger. Furthermore, these two-bite delights can be made with all the same fix-ins you know and love, giving you enough of a taste to satisfy. But just like burgers, you can bet that the type of bread you use for your sliders will make or break them. 

You would think that the fancier the bread, the better the sandwich. From brioche and kaiser to ciabatta and pretzel, there are so many varieties that restaurants offer up these days, lending home cooks to want to spruce up their next batch of burgers. However, the cheap buns in plastic bags at your local grocery store are the only thing you need for the best outcome because they won't overpower the meat's flavor and will give you the ideal texture.

The softer the burger buns, the better

That's right — we're talking the soft, melt-in-your-mouth, tastes like a pillow when it steams, type of buns. While a brioche bun has a natural buttery flavor and a kaiser roll gets nice and toasty, these elements also overpower the seasonings and make the work you put into the meat, cheese, sauce, and other toppings, almost unrecognizable. The texture of the bun also matters when it comes to properly holding all the contents and not making a huge mess. 

If your bread is too stiff or dense, like pretzel or French hamburger buns can be, it won't conform to the meat, causing remnants of food to fall out the other side as soon as you dive in. On the contrary, if your buns are too soft, which is the case for potato, brioche, or Texas toast buns, it could cause your sliders to go from melt-in-your-mouth to mush. The proper bun needs to hold up to enough steam, especially if you're transporting your burgers in a pack of foil. Therefore, it's best to stick to a classic white, soft hamburger bun, which comes in smaller sizes for sliders.