What To Consider When Choosing Meat For Turkey Burgers

Turkey burgers make for a great meal, especially when you're looking for a leaner alternative to beef burgers. These protein-rich patties provide delicious flavor in every bite and allow you to enjoy your summer barbecues without feeling like you're missing out.

However, when making them fresh using ground turkey, it's important to consider the specific type of turkey that your burgers will be made from. For the juiciest and most delicious turkey patties, you'll want to reach for the dark meat, which has a higher amount of fat than white meat does.

Turkey is leaner than beef, and its lower fat content can sometimes be the cause of your burgers coming out dry and bland. That's because as the meat cooks, both the fat and moisture render out of it. With such a small amount of fat to begin with, turkey is exceptionally easy to overcook. When this happens with your patties, you'll miss out on the experience of chowing down on a yummy, juicy burger.

Even if you're watching your fat intake, it's important to remember that it's a component that adds flavor. If you're willing to play around with the fat content just a bit, you'll end up with a better tasting, easy-to-cook turkey burger every time.

The fat keeps your burgers juicy

Dark meat comes from the legs and thighs of a turkey, while white meat is primarily made up of the breast. Though it's technically from a fattier portion of the bird, the dark meat in ground turkey is still leaner than the typical 80/20 blend that's recommended for beef burgers. The extra fat can be helpful with keeping the patties nice and juicy, and it can also enable you to achieve the perfect cook, as fattier meats tend to be more forgiving.

Additionally, you can even add external fat in the form of goat milk to help your burgers retain moisture while they cook. The bottom line is: Fat is a helpful tool; use it to your advantage.

If dark meat turkey isn't immediately available in your grocery store's meat section, you can ask your butcher to prepare it for you. And you don't even have to use 100% dark meat to make this trick work for you. You can also blend it with white meat for a more balanced option that still gets the job done.

So the next time you're planning to prepare homemade turkey burgers, consider how a little added fat can make your meal even more mouthwatering. And don't forget to shape your burgers larger than the buns for the best results!