How To Clean Potatoes Without A Dedicated Scrubber

Cleanliness is next to godliness, especially when it comes to ensuring your fruits and vegetables are free of visible dirt and grime. This is particularly true for the meek and humble potato, which is grown in the ground and exposed to the elements. From dirt to bacteria to pesticides, the surface of a potato can offer a natural resting place for organisms you don't want to ingest. This is why it is essential to wash your spuds before you cook them. While the dishwasher is not a good method to accomplish this task, there is another.

The United States Drug and Food Administration not only recommends washing foods like potatoes, but it also suggests using a brush to scrub away all those germs from your tuber's firm outer skin. That said, while it is important to wash this veggie, you are going to want to skip the soap and detergents because these cleaning agents can be soaked up into the potato's skin and make you sick when you go to eat it. But never fear if you don't have a dedicated scrubbing brush to clean this veggie; There is another way to clean your potatoes using water and a simple dish towel. 

Rinse and repeat

To get your potatoes looking clean and ready to prepare, the first step is running them under water. If you are washing enough potatoes to feed a small dinner party, you can also fill a bowl or a clean kitchen sink with tepid to cool H2O and allow the spuds to soak for a few minutes. This will remove most dirt, but if you still find your potatoes have patches of grime on the skins, taking a clean dish towel or paper towel and lightly scrubbing those spots will work just as well as a dedicated scrubbing brush. 

When you are scrubbing your potatoes, you may notice more dirt around the eyes. Make certain to thoroughly clean around this area, and if any sprouts that are green have popped up, make certain to remove them. After you are finished scrubbing the potato, wash it once more to ensure you have gotten rid of any and all debris. Lightly dry with a towel and you are in business and ready to cook up something starchy and delicious.