The Bold Spices To Amplify Fried Green Tomatoes

If you're looking for a simple, easy summer appetizer that's a guaranteed crowd-pleaser, think about serving homemade fried green tomatoes. Unless you're from the southern United States, it's likely you've never tried this crispy, juicy, and criminally underrated dish before. For those unacquainted with delightfully tangy and tart green tomatoes, they're not a special variety of the fruit that you'll have to go hunting for. Rather, they're just the unripe version of the tomatoes you grow in your garden or select at the grocery store.

Their naturally sour flavor makes them ideal candidates for lots of seasoning. Crunchy fried green tomatoes are gratifying by themselves, as most fried things are. However, if you're wanting to bolden up this rather simple appetizer, you'll want to make sure to look through your pantry for some signature spices.

Sprinkling in spice rack mainstays, such as garlic powder and paprika, is one traditional route to take. However, adding a spicy cajun seasoning blend or a handful of bold herbs is one way to add a kick to this otherwise mild dish.

Go bold or go home

If you're following a typical recipe for fried green tomatoes, you likely have everything you need already in your pantry. Sprinkling in your spices of choice right into your flour mixture is a common step in making this dish. From there, your slices of green tomatoes will get coated in the seasoned flour, dipped in an egg and milk mixture, and covered with breadcrumbs for frying. You can adjust the amounts of certain seasonings to increase the heat or elevate the overall flavor of the final product. You can also add a few dabs of hot sauce into the egg and milk mixture for satisfying spice. However, if you're looking for a true flavor booster, turning to a pre-made spice blend is another option.

The Washington Post recommends adding cajun seasoning, which typically consists of ​​white and black pepper, garlic and onion powder, paprika, and cayenne pepper. However, there are plenty of different takes on this popular mix, from adding a generous pinch of spicy chipotle pepper to an earthy addition of cumin. Experimenting with herbs will also add a freshness to this meal. Try garnishing the freshly-fried dish with a mix of parsley, rosemary, or another one of your favorite herbs. 

Whether you're aiming for a more classic take on this tasty dish, or you want a new bold flavor profile brought on by strong cajun seasonings, fried green tomatoes are the perfect base for your creative instincts to shine.