Fruit Chaat Is A Delicious Way To Use Up Fresh Fruit

When summer rolls around, there's a few staple dishes that always make their way back to our patios and picnic tables. Most everyone has their favorite cookout sides, whether it's creamy potato salad, coleslaw, or baked beans that you reach for first. Of course, a standard fruit salad is a refreshing dish to enjoy during those hotter days, but if you're looking to swap out your typical fruit salad for something a little more interesting and flavorful, you might consider making some fresh fruit chaat.

Anyone who is familiar with Indian food has likely tried a chaat dish before. This Hindi word, which means to lick or taste, is used in reference to a wide variety of common South Asian street foods. From aloo chaat to papri chaat, there are many tasty snacks to discover. As with the others, juicy summertime fruit chaat gets its name from the inclusion of chaat masala, the delicious spice that gives most of these Indian street foods their complex and distinct flavor.

So how does fruit, which is typically prepared in ways that lean into its natural sweetness, go well with a seasoning that's usually paired with savory snacks? We're here to tell you it's a combination that you won't be able to go back on once you try it.

Fruit chaat can be thrown together in minutes

Whether you're looking for an easy dish to throw together for a potluck or you need to use up fresh fruit before it goes bad, consider making delectable fruit chaat. If you're already a fan of sprinkling Tajín on mango or adding a pinch of salt to watermelon, we guarantee this will be your next go-to combination.

This dish is made differently all across India, so we recommend starting with your favorite fruits. If you're constantly snacking on berries, make sure to add in plenty of strawberries, blueberries, and blackberries to your fruit salad base. Or, if you enjoy a variety of different apples, chop those up and throw them in instead. No matter what you like, start by cutting all the fruit into bite-sized pieces and mixing them together. Then the magic can begin.

Once you have your base of fruit, you need to mix up the delicious dressing that elevates this exciting take on a dull fruit salad. A combination of fruit juice and seasonings is required, but which kinds you use is up to you. For inspiration, try using orange juice, guava juice, salt, sugar, black pepper, and, of course, chaat masala. The sweet, sour, and tangy result will coat your fruit and enhance their natural flavors. When the dish is ready to serve, you can add mint leaves or an extra sprinkling of some of the seasonings. We guarantee everyone will be coming back for seconds.