Make Extra Savory Poutine For Breakfast By Simply Adding An Egg

Those who have eaten poutine, in all its gooey, gravy-covered glory, will know that it is not the leanest of foods. But for those special mornings where a bowl of oatmeal simply won't do, adding a few eggs to your cheesy plate of poutine is a surefire way to transform this Canadian staple into a breakfast classic. 

Poutine's generally believed but much-debated beginning is said to have been in rural Quebec sometime during the '50s. Translated from Quebecois slang as "mess", a plate of poutine lives up to its name. It is a mound of french fries topped with a layer of cheese curds and thick beefy gravy, and it can come with a variety of different additions, including beef spare ribs, duck, and caramelized onions. So, why not eggs? 

The addition of eggs to poutine levels up the richness of this already flavorsome plate — thanks mainly to the creamy, umami-rich yolks that run like a river of savory goodness through your dish. And it's not as though you need to travel to Canada or go to a restaurant to get this savory mess. Breakfast poutine is something you can very easily whip up at home.

Breakfast poutine at home

All poutine starts with a base of hot french fries, which can be hand-cut or your favorite store-bought frozen kind. You could even use tater tots if you felt so inclined. While your choice of gravy is totally up to you, one ingredient poutine cannot be without is cheese curds. Fortunately, this is not a difficult ingredient to find since they are widely available at grocery stores and online. Assembling the poutine is simply a matter of layering the listed ingredients together. 

Like the gravy, the question of egg style for your poutine is a matter of preference. For the most savory and luscious mouthfeel, choose a style where the yolk is runny and can mix in with the piping gravy and melty cheese. Sunny-side up, fried over-easy, or gently poached eggs are the best options to get this silky consistency. If you're not a fan of runny yolks, you could use scrambled or even toss some chopped, hard-boiled eggs into the mess. Either way, you're adding extra protein and a layer of flavor.

So while this may not be an everyday kind of breakfast, it's great for impressing guests or enjoying by yourself on a special weekend. However you choose to eat it, breakfast poutine with eggs is something you should most assuredly try.