The Last Thing To Do Before Throwing Out Empty Coffee Creamer Bottles

The ubiquity of plastic materials means that it is hard to avoid, especially when so many beverages and food items come stored in it. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, the U.S. generated a staggering 35.7 million tons of plastic in 2018. In that same year, American landfills took in 27 million tons of plastic. Besides recycling, there are still things we can do to cut down on plastic waste. Reusing items can be a great way to limit the amount of the material you use. 

Coffee creamer is one of those products that often come in plastic bottles, with popular creamer brands like Coffee-Mate and Califia coming in uniquely-shaped, aesthetically-pleasing bottles. Although you could just throw them out right after you've used the last drop, you could also put them back to work in your pantry. The shape and size of the bottle, plus its easy-to-pour top, make it the perfect receptacle for storing both dry and wet kitchen goods. 

How to reuse your creamer bottle

First, you'll need to properly clean and dry your coffee creamer container. Next, for aesthetic reasons only, remove the label from the bottle. Once it's been cleaned, it is now the perfect receptacle for storing dried goods that you can buy in bulk like popcorn kernels, rice, beans, quinoa, and more. They are easier to organize in your cupboards than loose and open bags and if they are sitting on the counter, they look nice and uniform. 

You can use this same approach for things like sugar, salt, and spices. And of course, these containers work well for storing liquids as well. Next time you make a batch of salad dressing, you can easily store and pour it from your re-used plastic container. And if you really want to cut down on your environmental impact and stop buying creamer containers altogether — here's a recipe for homemade coffee creamer.