Why Turkey Burgers Are Best For More Customized Flavors

Let's face it, turkey burgers are not everyone's first choice. While it may be a healthier option than beef, turkey burgers tend to suffer from the exact characteristics that make them healthy. Turkey is a lean meat with very little in the way of fat, meaning it has the potential to dry out when cooked. Anyone who has been on the receiving end of a chalky turkey burger knows that it is not the most enjoyable of eating experiences. 

However, turkey burgers do offer a unique opportunity — the chance to truly customize the taste of the meat to your liking. Adding flavor to a turkey burger is not merely a recommendation, it's a requirement since the taste can be a bit bland on its own. Since turkey meat has a more mild flavor than beef, it's beyond versatile with what fats and bold seasonings you can use like various types of cheeses and even cumin. 

Endless flavor options for turkey burger meat

Think of ground turkey as a blank canvas on which you can paint your turkey burger masterpiece. As you're assembling the mixture, add in your desired seasonings in measurements, mix everything together, and form into patties. As turkey has very little fat it will need binders like breadcrumbs or cheese, in order to get the meat to stick together. Cheese like cheddar and feta are a particularly good binding option, as it brings both additional fat and flavor.

You'll also want to impart some complexity into your meat with sauces and seasonings. For a savory umami punch use items like mayonnaise, grated butter, Worcestershire, or soy sauce. The next ingredient should be something with a little more tang and spice. You can achieve this with more sauces like mustard, hot sauce, or ketchup. You can also add any number of spices and aromatics like Old Bay seasoning, cumin, oregano, parsley, and garlic powder. 

Then as long as you don't overcook the burgers once they hit the grill or skillet, you'll have yourself a wonderfully juicy, flavorful turkey burger. The more you experiment, the more flavor combinations you'll discover.