The Last Thing To Do Before Throwing Out Leftover Dip

We've all been there — imagine you've just hosted a party and there's an awkward amount of dip left over. An obvious solution would be to toss it, seeing as you probably won't go hunting for it in the fridge later on anyway. But not so fast — even those minimal amounts of leftover dip can become the most delicious base for your next salad dressing!

Because salad dressings and vinaigrettes typically consist of an acid such as vinegar or citrus juice, and a fat, which is often oil, mayonnaise, or some type of creamy dairy product, your leftover dips make a perfect start to dressings as they usually contain at least one if not both of those elements. Even dips without these components can be recycled; use them for their flavor and seasonings while you add in the fat and acid. 

From spinach and artichoke to whipped feta, you can build upon a number of dips to make a delicious dressing. And with the help of a few extra ingredients and a blitz in the blender, you can loosen these party starters up to a drizzling consistency for the ultimate flavor bomb on your next bed of greens.

Turn your dips into a dressing

Most dips are easily converted into dressings, but because they are often thick and hard to drizzle, you'll need to add extra ingredients to loosen them up. The type of dip and the flavor profile you're going for will determine the perfect ingredient, be it vinegar, chicken stock, citrus juice, olive oil, or even water. Simply transfer your leftover dip to a blender, and add in your extra liquid. You can eyeball the amount, adding more bit by bit until your dip reaches the consistency of a dressing. 

From there, perform a little taste test, adding salt, pepper, and any other seasonings or sweeteners if need be, and transfer to a salad bowl with your greens and mix-ins. Really this tip is all about personal taste and preference so the combinations are endless, but if you're looking for ideas, try adding a few splashes of beef broth and white wine vinegar to a French onion dip; lemon juice and red wine vinegar to a ranch dip; lemon juice and chicken broth to a hummus dip; or even citrus juice and honey to a whipped feta dip.

Some common dips, particularly those containing beans and meat, such as a taco dip, bean dip, or buffalo chicken, aren't ideal for turning into a dressing, as they have too thick of consistency, and wouldn't form an ideal texture when processed in a blender. However, they're easily tossed into your next pasta bake or casserole, or even as a saucy topping to your next batch of grilled chicken breasts or steaks, so give those a second life too and save all your leftover dips from the trash bin.