Martini Glass Mashed Potatoes Should Be At Your Next Party

If you attended a wedding recently, you might have stumbled across a hot new catering trend: the mashed potato martini bar. If you haven't yet espied this whimsical update on the plain old mashed potato bar, let us explain. This setup is all about celebrating a martini glass that holds neither shaken nor stirred vodka, but a mountain of creamy spuds dotted with cheese, bacon, and any other tater-topper the heart desires. Why the martini glass? Well, besides the obvious "Why not?" rejoinder, it has much to do with the cocktail vessel's iconic shape.

With a flat base, slender stem, and wide funnel bowl, the martini glass isn't just glamorous-looking — it's practical. Much like how the stem keeps the consumer's hand from warming a chilled cocktail, it also keeps one from being burned by the piping hot mashed potatoes. Its wide-mouthed bowl makes spooning out portions a mess-free affair, and can even allow the more creative server to build a savory layered parfait of mashed potatoes and toppings. And even if it didn't serve these delightful purposes, the mashed potato martini makes up for it with pure playful charm.

An epic cocktail and potato crossover

So how should you go about bringing this fun activity to your own party? Start with a solid mashed potato recipe, preferably one you can keep warm in an Instapot or slow cooker. Next, assemble all of your classic toppings, like sour cream, green onions, or freshly shredded cheddar so that your guests can take part in a delicious build-your-own adventure. A bit of protein might be nice as well, like a hot pot of chili or pulled pork. For the truly intrepid, you could go down an unconventional route and offer sauerkraut, applesauce, or even kimchi in concert with your favorite bratwurst. If you've got a surplus of martini glasses, you can even arrange the toppings in them, but pretty bowls will work just as well. As your guests arrive, ladle out a portion of mashed potatoes into their waiting martini glasses and allow them to top and layer their spuds as they desire.

And why stop at a mashed potato martini bar? This concept will work well with plenty of other food themes, including a shrimp and grits martini bar or a cheesy polenta one. Basically, any creamy starch with oodles of savory toppings will look and feel better when eaten out of a martini glass.