Blue Bell Debuts Ice Cream Mixed With Dr Pepper Sherbet

Now that sunny days are well on their way, Blue Bell and Dr Pepper are joining forces to bring fans a refreshing, sweet treat inspired by the ice cream float: the Dr Pepper Float ice cream (via a press release). This is a limited-time ice cream flavor that brings all the floaty flavor to one convenient pint container — no soda can necessary. 

The Dr Pepper Float is a fusion where creamy vanilla ice cream is swirled with Dr Pepper-flavored sherbet ripples, and it's sold in pints or half gallons to suit backyard barbecues, picnics, and solo parties. But, pop-loving fans should get it while it's hot (or, rather, while it's frozen) as this new flavor is only scheduled to last through 2024. Dr Pepper Float ice cream hit shelves on May 18 and is now available in the 23 U.S. states that already sell Blue Bell. A full list of states is listed in the press release, but if yours isn't listed, you can still get your hands on it.

Foodies are invited to float into summer

Fans in non-Blue Bell carrying states can purchase the new flavor via the Blue Bell Creameries website, and it ships anywhere in the U.S. Simply call (979) 836-7977 on Monday-Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. to place your order. Consumers' choice of four half gallons or four 12-pack cups come packaged on dry ice for $142 and can be expected to freeze for up to 36 hours while being shipped and delivered the next day under normal circumstances.  

No stretch of the imagination is needed to dream up mouth-watering ways to enjoy the new Dr Pepper Float. The ice cream would make a delicious treat on its own or loaded up with chopped pecans, hardening chocolate turtle sauce, caramel sauce, and whipped topping for a sweet-savory soda-inspired sundae. Float-loving foodies could crack open a can of Dr Pepper or even soda water and transform this ice cream into a fizzy treat that can be enjoyed all summer long — or, until the end of 2024, when the flavor is scheduled to retire.