The Most Reliable Type Of Noodle Dish For Ordering Delivery

Would you rather make instant ramen (again) or order some hot, comforting noodles for delivery? It's a no-brainer, and on weekends or payday, that delivery order is looking more scrumptious than ever — that is, according to the over 50% of U.S. adults, who reportedly consider takeout and delivery to be essential, via a recent study by the restaurant point of sale software company Toast

As comforting and exciting as takeout can be, soggy, cold noodles are anything but. Luckily, while the speed of the delivery is out of your control, you can order the noodles that will keep the best in transit. Chef and food scientist J. Kenji López-Alt explained to Serious Eats that, as noodles continue to absorb moisture, "whatever small amount of gelatin and other dissolved solids [that] were present in the water in the first place will become a little more concentrated" as the broth diminishes. Plus, starch from the noodles seeps off, making the broth more viscous and the noodles, in turn, less structurally sound. With that in mind, here's the most reliable type of noodle dish for ordering delivery and getting exactly what you were craving, sans sogginess.

Skip the brothy bowls

The long and short of López-Alt's scientific description is: Noodles slathered in thick sauce or swimming in broth aren't going to hold up as well from Point A to Point B. For a sure bet that your delivery noodles will be as yummy and intact as you hoped, opt for somewhat "dry" noodle dishes. We're talking about the likes of pad thai, lo mein, and Yakiudon. Even if they cool off substantially, dry noodle dishes can be easily revived on the stove or even the microwave. "Though noodles that haven't been heavily sauced will dry out slightly in transit, they'll soften again once heated," chef Ariane Resnick tells Insider. Since they haven't been saturated and softened with heavy sauces, drier noodle dishes will remain sturdy enough to keep their shape and firmness during a reheat and won't get soggy. 

Although, if you're nursing a vicious craving for a "wet" noodle dish like ramen or pho, rest assured — all hope is not lost. Many restaurants that do delivery orders package their noodles and broth separately. With this method, your noodles won't arrive soggy, and you can reheat the broth and noodles individually. Even if they're a little on the tepid side, those noodles should still hold up just fine in the microwave if they haven't been combined with the broth yet. Call ahead and ask the restaurant how they package their takeout noodles, or even request separate containers when you place your delivery order.