The Extra Step You Need To Take For Crispier Grilled Burger Buns

Is a burger really a burger without its bun? One could argue that it isn't complete without these two pieces of bread that hold all the ingredients together and make this iconic sandwich more than the sum of its parts. And what better way to elevate the bite of your burger than with a bun that is grilled and toasted to perfection?

A hamburger bun can be as simple as two pieces of white toast or an English muffin or something as wonderfully buttery and extravagant as a brioche. Whichever kind of hamburger bun you like, they can all benefit from a bit of grilling before you assemble the sandwich. There are multiple benefits to toasting your buns, not the least of which is additional flavor and texture. You're also warming up the bread, and in doing so, restructuring the interior and returning it to the pillowy softness it had when it first came out of the oven. 

Instead of simply slapping the dry buns down on the grill, spread some softened butter on the grilled side of the bun to add another layer of flavor to your meal and will yield beautifully browned and crispy results.

A helping of butter can create the perfect crisp

The reason you want to use softened butter is that it will be far easier to spread across the bun. As you may already know, cold, hard butter is nearly impossible to smear without doing significant damage to your bread. So, using either a soft, salted or flavored butter, take a generous helping and spread a layer on the side of the bun that will be in contact with the cooking surface. And of course, be sure to butter both the top and bottom buns for maximum crunch and taste.

The best time to toast up the buns is while the meat patties rest. On whatever you've chosen to cook your burgers on, be it grill, griddle, or skillet, lay the buns butter side down and toast them for about a minute or until they develop an even, golden brown crisp along the face and edges. Add any condiments you'd like, and assemble the burger while the buns are still warm. If you want to get specific, take a meat thermometer and check if the interior temperature has reached 140 degrees Fahrenheit to ensure you get that soft, fluffy interior.

Adding butter may be a simple extra step, but it does just enough to take your bun over the edge, especially if you're using something extra flavorful like Cowboy Butter. In the end, it is always worth the extra effort to get a good toast on your burger buns.