How To Find A Spit For Your Summer Pig Roast Party

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If you've been dreaming up ways to spruce up your annual Fourth of July barbecue or Memorial Day pool party, you might want to consider hosting your own pig roast. While the task of throwing together such an event may intimidate you, as you may not possess expert knowledge of how to cook a whole piglet or know where to source the expensive equipment needed, putting on your own pig roast is much easier than you may anticipate.

This communal event is great at bringing friends and family together to enjoy some of the most succulent, juicy pork you've ever had. And, you likely only need to go to one place to find everything you need. We advise you to look to your local farm for both a great pig for roasting and for the equipment itself. You can buy a young piglet from a butcher, but it's recommended to order from your local farm first since this will not only save you a bit of money, but you can easily rent a spit as well.

Buy or rent a spit depending on your needs

For example, The Farm at SummitWynds in Massachusetts rents its machine for $200 and Schober Farms in Ontario, Canada has offers from $180 to $240. No matter where you are located, it's probably best to call around to farms near you to get an estimated price. But, if that's unsuccessful, you can also reach out to an event and party rental store to see if it has spits available. 

If you're a barbecue fanatic and plan on roasting your meat all summer long, it might be worth investing in your own spit. Smaller, more basic spits can be priced as low as around $130 from Amazon, while higher quality and specialty ones can cost anywhere from $500 to $1,500 for the whole system. So, whether you're a grill master who is ready to try out a new form of cooking or you're hosting an intimate summertime gathering with loved ones, keep these things in mind for a successful pig roast party.