If You Grill Salmon In A Foil Packet, Why Not Vegetables?

A tried and true technique for salmon preparation is wrapping it in foil and putting it on the grill. This strategy is a simple way to lock in the inherent moisture of the fish and make sure you never experience the pitfalls of dried-out fillets. And if you're firing up the grill and rolling out some foil, why not try the same method with vegetables?

The technique works in much the same way with veggies as with salmon — it keeps the moisture inside the packet so that every vegetable you cook is sweet and juicy. The one thing you miss out on is the grill marks, but you will likely find it is worth it for the texture and flavor that this cooking process provides. 

Grilling in an aluminum foil packet is essentially a flavorful way to steam your vegetables. Some great grill-season veggies to start with include sweet corn, potatoes, or mushrooms. But you can also try a type of summer squash, sliced peppers, or any other vegetable that you feel inspired to throw on the grill.

How to wrap your veggies in foil

Here's how to do it: Begin by dressing your chopped vegetables with something for flavor. You can go simple, with some olive oil and salt and black pepper, or you can marinate them with your own grill sauce like pesto or a yogurt mixture with lime and cilantro. 

Just remember that since you are wrapping these veggies up in foil, the juices won't drain. This means you'll get extra flavor, but you should also be careful when opening the packet so you don't get burned by the hot liquids. Place the vegetables in the center of a piece of aluminum foil that should be big enough to encompass the veggies one and a half times. 

To make the perfect packet, fold the edges over twice to create one that is flat but not too tight. The edges will help to steam the vegetables inside the packet and to keep the juice from running out of the sides. Depending on what veggies you choose, a good rule of thumb is to grill them between 20-35 minutes until they have reached the level of tenderness you prefer.