The Beautiful Pink Starbucks You Can Find In Turks & Caicos

While driving through most American towns, you can almost guarantee that the staple fast food establishments will appear as they usually do. McDonald's will display their trusty golden arches and Wendy's red color will pop up somewhere along the road. However, certain popular locations will often go off-brand to display features unique to a singular destination. And, lots of these out-of-the-ordinary fast food storefronts are on our bucket list.

From Taco Bell's cantinas, locations with specialized menus and alcoholic beverages, to the Chicago McDonald's which features a rare lineup of international menu items, there are plenty of must-see locations for the fast food crazed. However, Starbucks may have some of the most eccentric locations out of any fast food chain.

From extravagantly-decorated Starbucks in France and Italy to a location sitting on the Nile River and a retro art deco spot in Los Angeles, there are plenty of Starbucks that break away from their green and grey-clad interior design. But, if you're more a fan of a laid-back tropical vibe than a grand experience, hopping on a plane to discover the Starbucks in Grand Turk Cruise Port location in Turks and Caicos is a must. This pastel-pink-covered building is enough to intrigue any passerby, and it seamlessly blends in with the Caribbean atmosphere around it. Not to mention what's on the inside.

A Barbie Dreamhouse look-alike

Whether you're stepping off a cruise ship that's docking at the Grand Turk terminal, or you've arrived at the country's capital island another way, you'll be immediately impressed by your beautiful surroundings. The island is known for its British colonial-era architecture and serene, tropical location. Many local shops are abundant in this area, ready to be dipped in and out of. However, a lone Starbucks sticks out in the area, as it is the only chain located anywhere in the country, according to Visit Turks and Caicos Islands.

The pastel-colored building keeps the Caribbean vibe present, while also denoting its signature siren symbol above the front doors. Plenty of seating is available outside to enjoy the warm weather, but when wandering inside, a new experience begins.

The first thing you may notice when walking into the dining room is the mural present on the back wall. The beautiful pink and blue colored design, which was hand-painted by artist Maria Camila Bernal Toro, displays a white-outlined image of the brand's iconic siren. According to Starbucks, "The artist recreated the Siren to evoke the same tranquility and pleasure so many travelers in the past were rumored to search for among the Sea."

When ordering up front, you'll find the same recognizable drink menu that the chain displays in most of its global locations. You'll also find plenty of ready-to-go sandwiches and pastries, or pick up a mug as a souvenir from your dreamy Turks & Caicos vacation.