Why It Pays To Use Clear Containers For Your Pantry Storage

An organized pantry is a functional pantry. So, if shelves are starting to look chaotic and cluttered, lined with half-torn boxes, miscellaneous plastic bags, and mismatched Tupperware, it could be time to rethink your storage options. Luckily, giving your pantry the makeover it so desperately deserves can be as easy as investing in a collection of uniform canisters and containers — just make sure they're clear.

There's no denying that clear containers are a chic choice. Clean and minimal, they're aesthetic, in addition to being extremely functional. In fact, since ingredients can be seen in their entirety, clear containers are an especially logical choice because they allow you to better keep track of which ingredients (and how much of them) you currently have on hand. This can help you to make more concise grocery lists and even save you from buying too much of an ingredient, which can help reduce food waste and lead to more money in your pocket.

Additionally, rather than single-use plastic bags, clear containers are also an eco-friendly choice. As long as you invest in high-quality options and take good care of them, these vessels are worth featuring in your pantry, especially when it comes to storing dried and bulk staple items.

Choosing the best clear containers

Before adding a box of containers to your shopping cart, be sure to consider the dimensions of the space they will fill. Once your pantry shelves are clear, take measurements so you can seek out options that will make better use of the space. While preference takes precedence, know that square and rectangular-shaped containers are easier for reading labels and more space-effective than cylindrical vessels. Likewise, selecting a collection that offers a range of size options can also maximize space and accommodate a wider variety of ingredients.

When considering materials, you have the option of either glass or plastic. Though glass may be a more elegant choice, it tends to be pricier, in addition to being highly fragile. As a result, plastic provides the same tidy aesthetic, but at a more modest price. Not to mention that sturdier plastic will be more durable in the long run. However, always make sure to seek out plastic containers with a BPA-free label to avoid any leaching of harmful chemicals.

Lastly, pay attention to a clear container's features. For example, a good lid is super important as an airtight seal is necessary to keep foods fresh, lock in odors, and prevent pests from getting inside. Additionally, elements like stackability, weight, or even handles (for increased accessibility) can all be helpful attributes to keep in mind. Other than that, the choice is really up to you!