Glenturret's New Ultra-Limited Collaboration With James Turrell Is Only 80 Whisky Bottles

The Glenturret Distillery carries a long history of whisky making, and its unique approach to using older, handmade vessels to age spirits has made them a brand worth knowing since 1763. And since 2021, when the distillery also became home to a Michelin-starred restaurant run by the French luxury brand Lalique, style and craftsmanship have merged on the premises, and guests can now sample both artful dishes and delicious drinks while visiting.

The universe conspires in interesting ways, and such is the case with the collaboration between American artist James Turrell and Lalique. Turrell, known for his installations and work investigating the impact of light and space, was invited to Lalique's workshops and agreed to take on projects for the company. From handmade limited-edition crystal perfume bottles to a hypnotic light with colors that trigger vibrations, the partnership has resulted in unique and creative results.

To celebrate Turrell's 80th birthday, Lalique has announced the release of a limited-edition whisky blend. To honor not only the art, work, and craftsmanship of Turrell but also of the distillers at The Glenturret and Laique's own master glassmakers, 80 bottles of Eight Decades will be available for purchase. The sleek, chic decanters will contain whisky selected by Master Whisky Maker Bob Dalgarno, who has chosen whisky from casks dating from 1987 through 1998 to represent each decade of Turrell's life. 

Honoring craftsmanship and taste

John Laurie, Managing Director of The Glenturret, said via Instagram, "The Eight Decades decanter encapsulates [our] very essence: an understated aesthetic, crafted by many talented hands who are all custodians of the skills required to create such a beautiful decanter and liquid." 

And Turrell was happy to find another reason to collaborate  with Lalique, expressing on the distillery's Instagram page, "There is also the idea to relate the decanter to the work in crystal I have previously completed with Silvio and Lalique." And like the stunning, angular perfume bottles that came before, collectors will be rushing to add these sybaritic decanters to their displays. The whisky decanter is topped with an iridescent lid with purple and blue shades that seem to change hues depending on the light. Turrell cites architectural inspirations like pyramids and stupas for the design of the bottle.

And the stunning curves of the vessel will benefit from the refractions of Dalgarno's golden-hued whisky blend. Dalgarno, who has decades of experience in his own field, has spent the last several years at The Glenturret, and recently received the Icons of Whisky Master Distiller award. Whisky Mag suggested that The Glenturret has proved a unique creative ground for Dalgarno to perfect his craft and tell stories through blends. While getting to sample this liquid gold may be an experience shared by a select few, we're raising a dram to more creative partnerships that result in special bottles of whisky.