The Dollar Store Baking Staples You Should Always Have In Your Pantry

Between all the appliances, tools, and ingredients, the cost of baking can really add up. If you want to enjoy fresh-baked zucchini banana bread muffins without baking the bank, head to the dollar store. You'll be surprised at what you can pick up here — these discount marts will often have similar items to the ones at major grocery stores, but they cost way less. In particular, take advantage of their disposable products like skewers and toothpicks, which don't need to be high-quality or long-lasting.

You can typically also find one-and-done items like paper cupcake liners, cake or cupcake toppers, and parchment paper sheets. Stores like Dollar General and Dollar Tree also usually have foil baking pans, aluminum foil rolls, zip-top bags, and more. While still pretty cheap, these items can cost at least twice as much if you get them at a regular grocery store. For instance, a pack of parchment sheets from Dollar Tree comes out to about 13 cents a sheet, while a roll at Target ends up being about 22 cents per sheet. It may not seem like much, but over time, your wallet will thank you for choosing the cheaper option. And since you're typically spending less than two dollars to buy any of these items, you won't have to worry too much about ruining them, so you have more time to focus on baking.

Buy a plethora of discount baking goodies

In fact, you may find that dollar stores can be a one-stop shop for many of your baking needs. You won't only find disposable items here — these marts also typically carry regular baking pans for pizza, cake, muffins, quick breads, and more. One of the cheaper loaf pan options on Amazon will set you back $7.19, but at Dollar Tree, you can get essentially the same thing for a mere $1.25.

And that's not all — these stores may also carry cooling racks, frosting shapers, reusable food storage bags, oven mitts, pot holders, and hot pads. Before buying, compare the price per item to that of a major grocery store to make sure you're getting a bargain. If you're determined to spend as little money as possible to make a baked good, you can also buy cake, cookie, and brownie mixes here too. Especially if you see a brand name on the package, you can be sure that it's the same box sold in a chain grocery store, just at a cheaper price. So while Betty Crocker Sugar Cookie Mix costs $4.46 at Amazon, you can get the same thing for $1.25 at some dollar stores. Why not give them a shot?