Why You Actually Need Melted Cheese On Some Sandwiches

Crafting the perfect sandwich is as much an art form as it is a culinary skill. The variety of available ingredients, from condiments to cheeses and deli meats to seasonings, means there is truly no limit to how detailed you can get when designing your dream hoagie. However, beyond selecting ingredients, one of the most important sandwich considerations is whether you'll prepare them toasted or cold. 

While many sandwiches can be served either way and have an equally delicious warm and cold variation (think: toasted Italian sub sandwich versus regular), sometimes simply melting the cheese is a paramount step to ensure the best overall sandwich experience. Every sandwich lover has likely experienced the unfortunate mess coming from ingredients that slip and slide as they please. 

Chopped veggies, like tomatoes, onions and pickles, are all prime examples of sandwich staples that can't be trusted to stay in place. This super quick hack serves the purpose of creating a more enjoyable sandwich by making sure the other ingredients in it stay put while you're digging in.

Sandwich order plays an important role

Haphazardly assembling your sandwich can quickly render the melted cheese trick unhelpful. Instead, you have to pay attention to your sandwich stacking order. For the cheese to have the best chance of slowing the spread of slippery ingredients, it should be melted on top of them, enveloping them in a layer of gooey goodness. If you were to add the cheese directly to the bread with ingredients on top of it, the cheese would simply adhere mostly to the bread and do your slippery ingredients no favors.

Another handy trick for managing slick ingredients is to keep the wet ingredients away from each other. When combined with the melted cheese, this can help create a sturdier, more balanced sandwich that allows you to savor each bite without worry.

So the next time you're assembling a sandwich-themed work of art, don't forget the positive impact melted cheese can have on your experience. Not only will it deliver a richer flavor, but melted cheese is also the secret weapon for keeping those pesky (yet delicious) ingredients from sneaking out from between the bread.