Nespresso Debuts $24,000 Hublot Watch Made From Recycled Coffee Pods

Nespresso and Hublot have announced an iconic and imaginative collaboration. Using recycled aluminum Nespresso pods, including the leftover ground coffee beans, Hublot designed and constructed a limited edition luxury watch, the Hublot Big Bang Unico Nespresso Origin. The two Swiss companies hoped to push the limits of how recycled coffee pods can be used and aimed to convey the idea of circularity both in time and materials, giving the practice of sustainability a whole new meaning in this timepiece.

This particular watch is part of the Hublot Big Bang line of watches with a special Unico automatic chronograph. With a gorgeous open-heart design pioneered by Hublot itself, the watch showcases the workings of the 354 separate components on its face. The watch is made in a vibrant green, highlighting the environmental friendliness of the product while matching the color of the Master Origins Peru Organic Nespresso pod.

How The Big Bang Unico Nespresso Origin is made

Hublot states that this limited edition watch has only 200 pieces available for purchase. It retails for $24,000, which is only slightly above the average price for its other Big Bang Unico pieces. The aluminum from the used Nespresso capsules is repurposed to create the watch's case, bezel, crown, and pushers, which comprise its outermost components. The watch thus owes its beauty in part to the clever implementation of upcycled coffee pod materials, which is why the Nespresso logo is imprinted on the crown.

But we are all wondering the same thing: Where do the coffee grounds come into play? Hublot explains that it's all in the strap of the watch. The watch is available with a rubber or a fabric strap, but both versions are manufactured with coffee grounds. The rubber strap contains 4.1% coffee grounds and 8.2% recycled rubber. For the fabric strap, Hublot worked directly with one of Nespresso's long-time partners, SINGTEX, which upcycles old coffee grounds to make fabric. Singtex employs nanotechnology to create yarn out of used coffee grounds, which in turn becomes the S.Café fabric, which is used for the Big Bang Unico Nespresso Origin's fabric strap.

Down to the very yarn on the strap, The Big Bang Unico Nespresso Origin utilizes all of the materials in a used Nespresso pod so you can drink your coffee and wear it too.