Swap Out Yogurt For Creamed Cottage Cheese With Honey

The thought of cottage cheese may leave some dry heaving, but for fans or those simply unacquainted with the curdy ingredient, creamed cottage cheese may be the "it" food they've been waiting for. It's also the case that making whipped or creamed cottage cheese is incredibly simple. By using a blender or food processor, one can create a creamy, airy version of the cheese that is free of the lumps and bumps that put so many off. This dairy product has definitely found a fan base on TikTok, with people sharing everything from edible cookie dough to ice cream made with this (we think) unfairly-scorned ingredient. 

Even if you've never been a fan, we think you should give cottage cheese a second look because creaming it removes those textural barriers that can be a turnoff for some palates. Whipping cottage cheese smooth makes it a great dupe for yogurt, particularly if you add a little honey to temper its naturally tangy flavor. The end result will be a thick, salty, and acidic cream that pairs well with all the breakfast add-ins — a medley of fruits, berries, granola chia seeds, and what have you. 

Why change a good thing?

When doing a back-of-the-label comparison of creamed cottage cheese over yogurt, one finds that they are virtually the same in calories and protein content. Yogurt does contain slightly more calcium, but not enough to fret over. One noteworthy difference between these two dairy products is probiotics — the friendly bacteria that keep your gut feeling good. Not all cottage cheese contains the micro-organisms, however, many brands do, so pay attention to the label if you're shopping for gut health. 

The simple metamorphosis of cottage cheese to creamed cottage cheese is a game changer that transforms this food into a sophisticated ingredient. Creamed cottage cheese with honey tastes delicious as a spread on your morning toast, but you could also experiment with it as a swap in yogurt-based marinades. This newfound way of enjoying an oft-despised food is a reminder that you shouldn't always judge a book by its cover or a food by its texture.