The Only Type Of Rum That Belongs In A Mojito

Thirst-quenching, cold, and perfect for hot summer days lounging outside, a classic mojito recipe delivers the perfect balance of sweet, fizzy refreshment. Made with rum, club soda, lime juice, and plenty of fresh mint, these easy-to-make cocktails don't require much to elevate a basic backyard party. 

Yet heading to the store to pick up supplies for tonight's festivities may leave you with the question: Which rum is the best to splash into your drinks? From spiced, gold, and flavored rums, the labels you choose to pour into your mojito cocktails can have a significant impact when it comes to the taste and overall experience of the beverages you end up serving.

To set yourself up for bartending success, reach for the light, white rums. This family of rums is commonly found in stores and offers a delicate, more subtle flavor that provides the ideal foundation for not only mojitos but an assortment of other cocktail recipes. 

White rum allows other ingredients to shine

Though still made from sugarcane juice or molasses, white rums undergo an abbreviated aging process that results in a lighter taste when compared to mature, darker rums. They can be aged stainless-steel containers to protect the liquid from taking on any hues, or if they're matured in wooden barrels, the drink is filtered through charcoal to remove any traces of color that might darken the libation. 

When making mojitos, you want to preserve the refreshing taste of mint and lime and not distract from the freshness of these two ingredients with heavier alcohol. White rums deliver in this department by offering the satisfying punch of booze without an overbearing flavor. 

Plus, since mojitos don't rely on many ingredients for their taste, you want to ensure the products you use are as high quality as possible so that the drinks you make leave your guests asking for second and third rounds. So while flavored and spiced rums may result in a delicious spiced drink to serve in the fall, don't make the mistake of adding it to your simple summery mojito.