The Best Type Of Beer To Experiment With Dumping Into A Margarita

Nothing screams summer quite like sipping on an ice-cold margarita on a rooftop. While the classic margarita is quite simple itself, with its lime flavor and orange fragrance, there are many recipes that claim to be the perfect margarita. Many of these involve mixing in exotic herbs and more sugar, but there is an easier way to supercharge your margarita that might be better than the rest: pouring in some beer. Commonly referred to as the "beergarita", this simple addition enhances the cocktail's flavor and texture. 

While you could get by using any beer, it is best to use a light and crisp beer like a lager for a truly exquisite beergarita that really spices up your Taco Tuesdays. To keep it a refreshing drink, lagers tend to work better than a more full-bodied beer with a dominant flavor, like an IPA or pale ale. Lagers are usually light in appearance and crisp with just enough hops to give your margarita a bite without altering its character. 

Two worlds collide

Margaritas are one of the best drinks to mix with beer because citrus and hops mesh nicely, which is also why citrus-flavored beers are such a hit in the summer. Adding a beer to your margarita is as easy as pouring it into your sweet and sour mix or into the margarita itself. It will add a nice, carbonated fizz on top of the already delicious margarita. You can even choose a Mexican beer for cultural consistency — or create a frozen beergarita for an extra hot summer day.

If you feel extra bold, try making a dark and stormy margarita, which includes tequila, ginger beer, and a few bitters. And for an extra citrus punch, impress your friends with a shandy beergarita that uses equal parts beer and lemon-lime soda. 

Enjoy your beergarita with some fajitas or taquitos and you might never go back to that old classic margarita.