The Cheesecake Factory Hack For Brown Bread Lovers Only

Most of us are aware about the extensive Starbucks secret menu or ways to order, but did you know The Cheesecake Factory has a secret menu tip as well? Amidst over 250 menu items and about 38 different flavors of cheesecake slices, one of the hottest hacks has to do with one of the more humble of the chain's offerings: the brown bread.

While servers will typically offer free brown bread at the beginning of a meal, you don't have to limit your enjoyment to the bread basket. If you order the chain's club sandwich, ask for your white toast to be swapped out with the infamous brown bread. And why stop there? If you're a diehard fan, try subbing it out for the slices in any of the chain's sandwiches, including the chicken parm, grilled chicken and avocado club, and chicken salad. 

Since the loaves are made with barley flour, malted barley extract, oats, molasses, and brown sugar, your sandwich will take on a slightly deeper flavor. And if you're a true brown bread aficionado, you'll get to enjoy it throughout your meal, not just at the start.

The best sandwich hack since sliced bread

If you're wondering how the restaurant will cover a massive club sandwich with just a small brown baguette, fear not. Due to its success, The Cheesecake Factory now offers it in sliced sandwich form, as well as the original mini baguettes and dinner rolls. If you enjoy your upgraded sandwich so much that you want to remake it at home, you can even buy all three versions of the bread in major grocery stores.

When ordering the swap at The Cheesecake Factory, you may have to do so in-person. It might be possible to replace your bread through online ordering, but the website doesn't have a specific drop-down for a bread change (hence the reason it's a secret menu hack). Instead, you may be able to try your luck with the "Special Instructions" box. 

If you're worried your server will get annoyed at your special request when dining in the restaurant, some may actually appreciate you redirecting your appetite for brown bread to your main course, instead of repeatedly asking for free basket refills. As former server Seth Byrum told Thrillist, customers "would ask for incessant refills three to four times ... during dinner rush, you're running back and forth the length of a football field to refill it because the restaurant is so big." So save your servers the trip, and instead use this secret menu hack for a deliciously next-level sandwich.