How To Use Pam On A Bundt Cake Pan Without Ruining It

If you're a baker, you understand how deeply satisfying it is to mix up cake batter, bake a cake, and have it effortlessly turn out of the bundt pan, emerging beautifully browned with a perfect exterior. And if you're a baker, you also know how often disappointment ensues when your cake sticks to the pan, refusing to budge or crumbling into pieces best suited to a plan-b-style trifle, still delicious, but not the dessert you'd planned for.

While Bundt pans can produce gorgeous cakes, those lovely lines, and flourishes require careful preparation in order to release the cake after it's baked. Nonstick cooking spray, with brand names like Pam, might seem like the best solution for reaching all the corners of your bundt pan, but you've probably heard you shouldn't use Pam on a nonstick surface. Why? Pam contains lecithin, which can build up on the surface of your nonstick bundt pan and make it sticky. Fortunately, there's a two-step strategy thatĀ involves your cleanup process that will help keep your nonstick bundt pan in good shape, even if you've broken the rules and used the nonstick spray.

How you can use Pam and preserve your nonstick surface

Rebel bakers who flout the rules should know that using Pam on nonstick bundt pans without ruining them is all about the cleanup. First, after you've sprayed your pan with Pam and poured in your cake batter, take the time to carefully wipe off every bit of the excess Pam on the edges of the bundt pan. A paper towel or damp dish towel works great for removing the exposed spray that will leave a sticky residue once it goes into the oven.

And second, once you turn your cake out of the pan, it should immediately go into the sink. Fill it with dish liquid and hot water, let it soak for a few minutes, then wash it thoroughly, being sure to get all the corners where that nonstick spray can linger. Use a soft cloth to wash and dry your nonstick pan, as anything abrasive will damage the nonstick coating. Hand washing your bundt pan right away with hot, soapy water will help prevent the buildup of the lecithin that makes your nonstick bundt pan less nonstick.