Michael And Bryan Voltaggio's Kalamata Streusel Is The Ultimate Summer Seasoning

While you may not first associate a streusel recipe with savory olives, celebrity chefs and brothers Michael and Bryan Voltaggio have made a strong case proving otherwise. The two have made their mark on the culinary industry for good reason, and by pairing classic favorites with textural surprises, their recipes have put new spins on familiar recipes — like their crumbly kalamata streusel. 

Kalamata streusel may sound like an intimidating recipe, but any apprehension you might have about attempting to make this topping at home will be banished upon your first bite. Once prepared, sprinkles of kalamata streusel can serve as the finishing touches on top of salads, sandwiches, and pieces of buttery toast. If you like topping potatoes and steak with homemade za'atar, the Voltaggio brothers' streusel recipe may become your new go-to garnish, ensuring that all of your summertime picnic spreads are packed with flavor. 

An easy approach to elevating summer menus

To make the Voltaggio brothers' olive streusel, pulse panko bread crumbs, flour, cocoa powder, and kalamata olives until the mixture is finely chopped. Next, add small cubes of butter to the batch to create a coarse, crumbly blend. When the ingredients are well combined and evenly distributed, spread the mixture evenly across a parchment-lined baking sheet to bake. You'll want to keep an eye on your oven and remove the tray once the batch is lightly browned and toasted, around 15 minutes. Cool the streusel before serving, or store it in an airtight container to use in tomorrow's recipes. 

The kalamata streusel can be enhanced with drizzles of olive oil, flaky pieces of sea salt, or fresh basil leaves to bring out the zest of the olives. Once assembled, the flavorful topping can be easily sprinkled on top of summer salads, BLT sandwiches, or crostinis you plan to serve at your next backyard party. The streusel can also make a delicious topping for main dishes, and you can use it to top grilled vegetables and steaks hot off the grill for a quick boost of flavor and an impressing-looking finish.