What Does A Roastmaster Do At Peet's Coffee?

Have you ever wondered what exactly a Peet's coffee roastmaster does? You might be surprised to learn that their job is not just about roasting coffee beans. In fact, the role of a Peet's roastmaster is to carefully select and blend the beans to create the perfect cup of coffee. 

A Peet's roastmaster begins their day by tasting 10 to 20 coffees with the Quality Team. They evaluate the aroma, flavor, and body of each coffee to determine which beans meet the high standards of Peet's. They look for beans that are free of defects and have a unique flavor profile that will stand out in a blend. And with the many complexities that coffee beans can present, it is important to thoroughly examine each sample. 

Once the roastmaster selects the beans, they begin the process of creating a blend. This involves repeatedly making test coffees of any potential beans they plan to select. They carefully adjust the roast profile, blend ratios, and brewing methods until they achieve the desired flavor profile of each blend. Peet's roastmaster goes on to make test coffees five times over to ensure it will have a consistent flavor. This attention to detail sets Peet's coffee roastmaster apart from others in the industry, but their role also goes beyond what most roastmasters do.

Different roastmasters do other tasks -- and it affects the coffee

While other coffee companies may have roastmasters who are primarily focused on the roasting process, Peet's roastmasters are involved in every step of the coffee-making process. They work closely with the Quality Team to ensure that only the best beans are used, and they are constantly experimenting with new blends and brewing methods to improve the flavor of the coffee.

Another key difference is that Peet's roastmasters are trained to roast coffee by hand. This means that they are intimately familiar with the roasting process and can make adjustments on the fly to ensure that the beans are roasted to perfection. Other coffee companies may use automated roasting equipment, which can limit the roastmaster's control over the process.

Ultimately, the role of a Peet's coffee roastmaster is to create a coffee that is both delicious and unique. They are passionate about coffee and are constantly searching for ways to improve the flavor of their blends. By carefully selecting and blending the beans, and by roasting them by hand, they are able to create a coffee that stands out from the rest. So, the next time you enjoy a cup of Peet's coffee, take a moment to appreciate the hard work and dedication that goes into every sip.