Save Your Leftover Takeout Containers For Your Next Batch Of Cookies

Baking cookies fills the house with delicious smells and authentic smiles. The thing is, when whipping up a batch of homemade chocolate chip cookie dough, there's often an internal debate on whether you should bake up a whole batch or only cook what you need at the moment.

If you bake up a whole batch, you'll have an array of prepared cookies, but they'll only be piping hot once. Furthermore, storing them can be tough, as not many containers can comfortably fit 24-48 chocolate chip cookies. And you want to keep them fresh for as long as possible, yet you don't want the pressure of having to eat them all before they go bad. If you only bake what you need, you can have the perfect serving size of freshly baked, hot-from-the-oven cookies at any moment they're craved. However, freezing the dough takes up so much precious real estate in the freezer, a luxury that not many folks have. Little did you know that a take-out container can solve your problems!

The next time you're out at a restaurant and ask for a to-go box, or are ordering take-out on a Friday night, don't toss those precious containers upon finishing your food. Not only will the environment thank you, but so will your next batch of cookies. These plastic heroes are typically the perfect size for holding anything from pre-scooped dough and freshly baked cookies, to ingredients you've already measured out to make quick work of the task.

They save on freezer space

If you prefer your cookies warm and fresh from the oven, it's best to only bake what you need from your big batch and freeze the rest, that way each craving fills the house with that delicious, freshly baked cookie smell all over again and genuinely feels like a treat. However, freezer space is a hard thing to come by, and it's important to freeze your dough efficiently – a.k.a. in a single layer so that each piece doesn't stick together. Many recipes suggest using a big bulky baking sheet for this step, but when it won't fit, what to do?

Not to fret! Those plastic take-out tubs from last night's date night will make the perfect vehicle for freezing your sweet scoops of fresh dough. Simply place in a single layer, place the lid on top, and place more scoops on top of the lid. Do this with multiple containers until your entire batch is taken care of. From there, transfer them to the freezer, and chill them until the mix is no longer sticky. You can then transfer the dough to a large freezer-safe bag, and save the Tupperware sets for your next round, as they're often durable enough to clean with ease and reuse several times.

They transport baked cookies with ease

While baking a big batch of tasty cookies can make for the perfect gift or treat for taking to a party or potluck, transporting them is often awkward, especially if you're feeding a crowd and have made upwards of 40 cookies. Many transportable Tupperware containers won't hold that many and will waste empty space in the corners seeing that most have rounded edges. 

Take-out containers to the rescue, as they are often wider, come with lids, and hold the perfect amount in a more snug way. Furthermore, when using multiple, they're often compatible enough to easily stack, making them less likely to topple over in the car ride over. The best part about utilizing these take-out tokens is that they were completely free to you, so no need to worry about getting them back. Your guests can have their cookies, and the container too!

They provide mise en place

If you're preparing to host a party and want to make quick work of all your cooking, ease up on the kitchen work during the heat of the moment by prepping ahead, and this includes dessert! Instead of stressing over your stand mixer, measuring out your wet and dry ingredients as you go, utilize those take-out containers by doing the most time-consuming part ahead of time: measuring your ingredients. Simply place each ingredient already pre-measured into its own take-out container, add the lid, and store on the counter or in the fridge depending on what it is until you're ready for it. When it's time to bake, simply dump the ingredients into your mixer and get the dough mixed in no time. Those containers can go straight into the dishwasher. All that's left is to scoop and bake.

These hacks definitely incentivize making your meals while eating out last longer, yielding more leftovers, and reducing food waste while also allowing you to stock up on Tupperware at zero cost. Furthermore, this is a big motivator to support the local restaurants in your town and try new spots, while indulging in a sweet treat at home. 

The best of both worlds! Let's face it, it was quite easy to build up an impressive collection of take-out containers during the pandemic.