Leftover Gravy Mayonnaise Could Be Your New Favorite Condiment

Leftover gravy happens. Whether you find yourself with a half-full gravy boat post-Thanksgiving feast or following a rich Sunday roast, there are creative solutions to finish up that remaining sauce. Although you could add it into a stew, slather it over biscuits, or maybe even make poutine, there's an even better way to put it to use that isn't just heating it and pouring it over a different meal — by making an effortlessly delicious, gravy mayonnaise.

Nothing is stopping you from whipping up your own mayo, but for a time-saving hack, pull out a jar of ready-made mayonnaise and get ready to whisk. While you can go with a ratio of 2 parts mayonnaise to 1 part gravy, depending on the thickness of your sauce, it's better to mix in a spoonful at a time until you get the consistency you like, keeping in mind that cold, slightly congealed gravy will be less runny. While you can heat the gravy, get it just warm, as you don't want your mayo to separate.

As flavorful as a basic gravy mayonnaise may be, should you want to make things even more interesting, you can add other ingredients to the mayo concoction. For instance, a splash of fish sauce or miso will amp up the umami, while a squirt of citrus juice will brighten the sauce. Fresh herbs can increase complexity, whereas crumbles of bacon or caramelized onions will enrich the flavor and add texture. 

The absolute best uses for gravy mayonnaise

If you're wondering whether or not this clever condiment is worth making, let's just say that if gravy and mayonnaise weren't a match made in heaven, then it wouldn't be sold as its own condiment in the U.K. Joining together two equally rich sauces — mayo for its luscious and full texture and gravy for its savory profile — the decadent sauce is full of earthy and meaty goodness that's guaranteed to make your mouth water.

An obvious companion for dipping fries or spread onto sandwiches brimming with Thanksgiving leftovers (but even BLTs or burgers), these are just a fraction of the ways that gravy mayonnaise can be used. Use it to make the perfect base for French onion dip; gravy mayo can even be added to creamy dressings fit for potato salads and even coleslaws. Roast a perfectly golden chicken by coating it in gravy mayonnaise or add another dimension to grilled vegetables. Worked into deviled eggs or stirred into mashed potatoes and quiche for a more luxurious and appetizing result, there are few things that a dollop of gravy mayo can't do.