Bones Are The Most Underrated Buy At The Farmers Market

It's farmers market season once more. That means you can spend the next few months meandering farm stalls and picking out seasonal produce, sampling fresh food, and finding new favorite kitchen staples. But there's one item that the farmers market is particularly good for that most people overlook, or don't know to seek out: bones.

Every farmers market will typically have a handful of butchers who show up to sell fresh cuts of meat. Sometimes, they will also bring bones along to sell. These bones are often fresher than any you might be able to find at supermarkets, and they are instrumental in creating unbeatable bone broth, flavorful stock, or adding flavor to any dish that simmers on the stove for a long time. Additionally, local butchers like those at the farmers market are more likely to sell some of the ideal bones for broth or stock — the ones with a lot of collagen proteins, like knuckle bones or parts of the neck.

Why do you need bones?

You can buy bone broth or stock in the store, but there is a certain taste element that is better when you make it yourself. There will be more flavor in the finished product, and you won't have to deal with any potential preservatives in the broth. When making bone broth, the quality of the meat will impact how the broth turns out, and small-scale local butchers like the ones you might find at the farmers market are a great place to look for bones from animals that have been raised well and treated ethically. 

Bone broth can be packed with nutrients like collagen and anti-inflammatory properties. Additionally, it may assist with digestion, and it could even help you sleep better. To put your farmers market bones to use, start with this recipe for a low and slow-simmer bone broth that you can make at home.