Velveeta Debuts Cheesy Chocolate Truffles With Compartés Collab

If you made a list of the most crave-able and decadently rich foods, cheese and chocolate would both probably make the cut. With so many similar attributes, this may be why one beloved cheese brand jumped at the chance to combine the two ingredients in a revolutionary way. Partnering with the premium chocolate brand Compartés, Velveeta has just unveiled its latest (and arguably most creative) product yet: TruffVels.

This is another example of how Velveeta continues to act on its promise to excite and entice fans to live "La Dolce Velveeta." Kelsey Rice, Senior Brand Communications Manager for Velveeta, explains, "As a brand that's all about making outrageous pleasure a way of life, we decided to bring these two flavors together to create the most outrageously elevated version of a cheesy, chocolatey recipe for our fans to enjoy."

The sweet and savory delights are a chocolatier's trompe l'oeil, as the confections resemble the shell-shaped noodles typical of Velveeta's Shells and Cheese product, but the flavor combination couldn't be more unique. Consisting of a sweet buttery white chocolate truffle shell paired with a cheesy and gooey Velveeta-infused center, TruffVels deliver the smooth and creamy textures iconic of a luxury chocolate truffle while still being reminiscent of the brand's smooth cheese. 

How you can try Velveeta x Compartés TruffVels

Beginning on May 9, the cheese sauce-laden truffles can be purchased directly from the Compartés website. Neatly packaged in a golden box miming the Velveeta cheese color, TruffVels will be available in a tasting pack with five shell-shaped truffles. That said, given their air of sophistication and no-melt guarantee, the chocolates will retail for a hefty $24.95. But don't wait too long as you ponder the purchase since TruffVels will only be available while supplies last.

Seeing as how the rich and cheesy truffles are sure to shock and intrigue the public, once fans get their hands on a box of Velveeta x Compartés TruffVels, they're urged to share their experience on social media with the hashtag #LaDolceVelveeta. With such an out-of-the-box and avante-garde product, who wouldn't want to document their TruffVel tasting? 

After all, who could forget all the other times that Velveeta fans reported their encounters with other unexpected product partnerships? From the Velveeta-infused Martini to the brand's venture in cosmetics with a cheese-scented nail polish, it's safe to say that Truffvels are another way Velveeta continues to push boundaries.