Goldfish To Bring Back Its Popular Old Bay Flavor For A Limited Time

Every once in a while, a food brand will capture lightning in a bottle — or a bag, as the case may be — and create a truly cult snack. That's the story behind the Old Bay Seasoned Goldfish crackers, a crossover of crunchy, cheesy crackers and one of the most iconic seasoning blends of all time. Those who fell in love with this limited-edition snack can rejoice; the powers that be are bringing back this lovable snack in time for the dog days of summer.  

In a press release, the classic Pepperidge Farm brand announced that it was again re-teaming with spice company McCormick to finally bring the craveable snack to its website. This comes in response to thousands of tweets and posts begging for the return of the blend to its line-up. 

Tapping into this deep yearning, the brand teamed up with another icon, '90s ballad singer Lisa Loeb, to offer a Goldfish twist on her classic music video "Stay (I Missed You)" with "Stay (We Missed You OLD BAY Goldfish)." As Chief Marketing Officer Janda Lukin of Campbell Snacks summed it up to ComicBook, "Their praise read like a love song, so we created one featuring actual fan posts about their passion for Old Bay Seasoned Goldfish." bring back it's popular snack

How to get your hands on this iconic duo

Featuring the signature flavor of Old Bay's 18 herbs and spices, including paprika, celery salt, black pepper, and a spicy kick of red pepper flakes, this limited edition Goldfish will first be available in a pack of two 6.6-ounce bags for $7.38 on McCormick's website. But you'll need to move quickly, as this offer will only last as long as supplies do. After all, the last time this snack was unveiled, the product sold out on the website within a few hours, marking it as one of the fastest sell-outs for the brand.  

For those who can exercise a little patience, the snack should be rolling out nationwide on select store shelves later this month, with individual bags selling for a suggested retail price of $3.69. Thanks to the viral fanfare, those obsessed with the Goldfish cracker and Old Bay seasoning combo have another summer to enjoy its tantalizing flavor, complete with a nostalgic '90s banger. Now, that's progress.